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Integrated Power Systems (IPS) represents Quality Power and Precision Air Technology manufacturers in five western states.

Making a statement like that is easy. But to say that IPS represents quality power is like saying that Mercedes represents automobiles, or that Disney represents entertainment. Rather than simply serve as your manufacturer's representative, we choose to become your partner.

Once your equipment is installed and certified, we monitor your system's condition and maintain it for optimum reliability and performance. We stay in touch; we respond; we follow through. We know who you are; we're familiar with the system we installed for you; we anticipate your needs. We are your advocate.

Above all, we realize that you want more than a veneer of courtesy from the people with whom you do business. We're all looking for an island of personalization in a sea of indifference. At IPS, we respect our clientele not as customers, but as individuals. We pay attention. We offer quality not only in our products, but in our relationships. It's our style to know yours.